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Jubilee Days


After the parade on Saturday, hang around downtown for a while and come on over to the shop. Lori will have a tent out front with fiber artists and spinners. There will also be free knitting lessons for the kids at 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30, so if your child would like to learn how to knit, this is the time!

Also, Lori has red, white and blue yarn on sale this week, so check out what we have in stock in those colors!


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Christmas in July



Well, Christmas is about six months off, and if you’re a knitter, you know what that means. It’s time to start the holiday knitting, so that maybe we can avoid that last-minute rush to finish gifts and holiday decorations. You know the rush I mean – the one where you end up knitting all night the week before Christmas and then wrap up a box with an almost-finished project in it. Or maybe, on their first Christmas, your children’s stockings have been hung from the mantle in a partially finished, pinned together state with a ball of yarn still attatched to them. (Ask me how I know about this one. I have four children and I was a repeat offender. The children didn’t really mind, I know, because it’s all about the shiny lights that first Christmas, but the half-done stockings do look kind of funny in the Christmas pictures.)

So now is the time to plan ahead and start some of that Christmas knitting and we have just what you need to do that here at Cowgirl yarn.

Handknit Holidays is full of all sorts of wonderful projects. It has both great gifts and wonderful decorations in it and it will inspire you for years to come. This lovely ruffle scarf is just one of the many, many projects this book has to offer.








Another book full of holiday goodies is Holiday Knits. Pair up this book with some of our festive sparkly yarn and you’ll be ready for the holidays.








And then there are the stocking books. We have patterns and books for felted stockings and knitted stockings of all sorts of sizes and descriptions. These are very dear to my heart, because I love a hand-knitted Christmas stocking. Make one of these for someone you love and you are making them something that will last all of their lives. My adult children still have theirs, and I plan to knit stockings for their families too when that time comes. This book, Knit Stockings, will give you lots of ideas, inspirations and paterns for making your family these Christmas heirlooms. And what is better to knit a Christmas stocking with than some Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in wonderful Christmas colors?




Don’t forget that fair is coming up at the end of the month. Let’s fill that Open Category with all sorts of knitted items and show Albany County what talented knitters it has!

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Art Yarn


There’s a lovely new product at Cowgirl Yarn this week – Art Yarn. Lori has a selection of this yarn in, and it is beautiful.

The first of the Art Yarns is Ensemble. This exquisitely soft handpainted yarn is 75% cashmere and 25% silk. It comes in 100g hanks which contain 256 yards. There is also a variety of Ensemble that comes with beads in it – glittering beads set in their bed of silk and cashmere. Wonderful, wonderful yarn.


The second of the new Art Yarns is called Silk Pearl, which is 100% silk. It comes in 50g hanks, with 170 yards. It is delicately shaded, with the beautiful sheen of silk.


We also have a new book in that will make your fingers twitch to start knitting – Inspired to Knit. As the title says, it will truly make you want to start many of the projects in its pages right away.


And last but not least, we have fair books in. Stop by and pick one up and plan to enter your knitting in the open division of the Albany County Fair. Let’s show Albany County how many dedicated and talented knitters there are here, and set a good example for the 4-H kids!


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