Art Yarn


There’s a lovely new product at Cowgirl Yarn this week – Art Yarn. Lori has a selection of this yarn in, and it is beautiful.

The first of the Art Yarns is Ensemble. This exquisitely soft handpainted yarn is 75% cashmere and 25% silk. It comes in 100g hanks which contain 256 yards. There is also a variety of Ensemble that comes with beads in it – glittering beads set in their bed of silk and cashmere. Wonderful, wonderful yarn.


The second of the new Art Yarns is called Silk Pearl, which is 100% silk. It comes in 50g hanks, with 170 yards. It is delicately shaded, with the beautiful sheen of silk.


We also have a new book in that will make your fingers twitch to start knitting – Inspired to Knit. As the title says, it will truly make you want to start many of the projects in its pages right away.


And last but not least, we have fair books in. Stop by and pick one up and plan to enter your knitting in the open division of the Albany County Fair. Let’s show Albany County how many dedicated and talented knitters there are here, and set a good example for the 4-H kids!


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