Hints and Tips Corner

If you have any hints or tips you’d like to share with us, please email them to: cowgirlyarn@gmail.com, and we will consider them for posting.

May 6th – tip for the week

If you want those socks you just put all that work into kntting to last longer, use a reinforcing thread when you knit the heels and toes.

May 15th -tip for the week

CHECK YOUR GAUGE! GAUGE MATTERS!  I hate doing a gauge swatch as much as the next knitter, and maybe even more (but we all think that, don’t we), but gauge does matter, so check yours. Unless you want your new socks to fit Godzilla.

May 26th – tip for the week

Have you ever put down your knitting in the middle of a row and then wondered which way you were going when you picked it back up again? Were you afraid that you’d end up going back the way you came?  (Short rows are a great shaping technique, but only if you’re doing them on purpose.) The answer is simple. Your yarn is coming off the side you are working to. It is always attached to your new stitches. Just keep going in that direction, working to the same needle, and you’ll be fine!

June 5 – tip for the week

When you are knitting in the round, double or even triple check to make sure you haven’t twisted that first row of stitches before you join. Ripping out isn’t fun!

June 16th – tip for the week

When you’re knitting lace in the round and the pattern starts off with just a few stitches on each needle, it can be really fiddly trying to keep it all straight and on the needles. So – knit the first few rounds with their increases flat. Then, when you have enough stitches to keep the needles from twisting and being difficult to work with – say eight or ten on each needle, join and work in the round. When you are finished, use your tail from casting on to neatly seam up the small gap left from where you knitted the first rows flat. It’s much, much easier this way!

June 23 – tip for the week

If you can’t find a stitch holder for those mitten thumb stitches or those sock instep stitches while you’re knitting on the heel flap, use a piece of waste yarn – a contrasting color is good and easy to see – and run it through your stitches-to-be-held. It is flexible, easy to use, and does a great job of keeping your live stitches ready for you to use later.

July 1 – tip for the week

With thanks to Sara W. – When you weave your ends in, try running the last bit of yarn through the yarn of one of your stitches, instead of just underneath the stitch. This will hold the end better, and you are less likely to have a yarn end wiggling loose on your finished item.

July 8 – tip for the week

Don’t be afraid to start those holiday projects now – you’ll be glad you did when the holidays get closer and you don’t have as much knitting time as you’d like.


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