Cotton For Summer

Cotton for summer! If you aren’t too sure about having a lap full of wool during warmer weather, think about cotton. Lori just got in several new cotton and cotton blend yarns in different weights and colors.


One of the new cottons actually comes as a kit – it makes up an adorable baby/toddler sweater and comes complete with pattern and 2 buttons: Cotton Kisses by Plymouth. The kit comes packaged with the yarn ball, and the yarn is 51% cotton, 42% acrylic and 7% nylon. It is nice and soft and we have it in several colors.





The next new yarn is Jeanee, also from Plymouth. This is another blend – 51% cotton and 49% acrylic. It is a worsted weight yarn with a nice feel to it and comes in a nice variety of colors.





If you’re looking for a finer weight cotton yarn, then look for the Dark Horse yarn, Desert Flower. This is 100% cotton and is approximately a fingering weight. Once again, there are several different colors to choose from. This would be very nice knitted up into a summer weight shawl or shrug.




And of course, there are always the old favorites, the 100% cotton Fantasy Naturale and the cotton and wool blends of Cascade Sierra Quatro and Brown Sheep’s Serendipity and Serendipity Tweed.



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Trunk Show!


We have a trunk show in! Socks of every variety – socks in stripes, socks knit in pattern stitches, socks in all sizes – all sock patterns found in the book, are here for viewing.

 Ann Budd’s new book, Getting Started Knitting Socks, is the focus of the show.

And to add to the fun of all these socks, we have some brand-new sock yarns in the store!

Cervinia has some wonderful bold self-striping patterns.


Rockin’ Sox by Plymouth looks like a treat to knit with.








Here is another new yarn by Plymouth – Happy Feet. We just got in some wonderful new colorways for this. Don’t forget to ask about the free pattern for a baby hat.






An old favorite – Bearfoot by Mountain Colors – always has wonderful hand-dyed color selections in a nice soft yarn.






 Great new color ways, wonderful new yarns, a book full of new patterns – come down to the shop and take a look!

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Are Your Feet Flat Yet?

Well, the Flat Feet sock yarn by Conjoined Creations has come in, and I’m trying some out right now! This stuff is seriously fun. Instead of coming in a ball, it comes in a scarf-like knit sheet. You can see the color variations as they look already knitted up, and pick the one that appeals to you. Then, to use it, you start at one end and unravel it as you go to knit your sock. It even has a place in the middle where you can cut the piece in two and use both parts to knit two socks at once. What a neat idea!


I cast on last night – I am making a stockinette sock with a simple cable running down both sides of the leg. The yarn is knitting up nicely, with my usual needles (I won’t give needle sizes; I knit very loosely and usually have to go down several sizes from the suggested size to make gauge. Check you gauge.) It is interesting knitting with the yarn still crimpy from being in the knit sheet, but the instructions say to wash your socks (by hand for that very first washing) and block them when you are done, and the remaining crimp will go away. After that first washing, they are machine washable.


Another of the new yarns we have in is Dusk, by Filatura di Crosa. It is a cotton, acrylic and nylon blend and the colors are just fantastic. This yarn shades from color to color and looks wonderful knitted up. I have seen a hat – knit for our Laramie spring weather when you don’t necessarily need wool but still want a knit hat on – and it looks great.




We also have a new yarn in from Dark Horse – a 100% merino wool yarn in an Aran weight. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like another winner. We have it in a variety of variegated colors. Stop by and take a look!

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It’s May!

Now that the weather’s nice and you’re wandering around downtown enjoying the fresh air, don’t forget to stop by Cowgirl Yarn and take a look at all the colors and textures and wonderful ideas we have in the form of yarn, just waiting to inspire you. Bring your knitting and sit down and knit with us for a while!

Lace makes a wonderful summer project. The yarns are lightweight and the project won’t heat up your lap on a warm summer day. And when you’re done, you have a nice shawl or scarf to enjoy when the cool of autumn comes around again.

I’ve been trying my hand at lace. Since (sock addict that I am) I am accustomed to knitting with fingering weight yarn and tiny needles, going down to a laceweight yarn hasn’t been too much of a step. I can even knit it on slightly larger needles then the 0’s I usually use for socks! And Cowgirl Yarn has everything I need to knit lace.

In addition to the lovely laceweight merino – Merino Lace by Skacel – that I am using right now, there is also a very pretty space-dyed lace yarn, JoJoLand Harmony. It shades beautifully and delicately from color to color.

Don’t forget that we carry Addi needles, which are perfect for lace knitting – they are smooth and nicely pointy, just right for working with fine yarns.

There are plenty of books with wonderful patterns to choose from, including Meg Swanson’s A Gathering of Lace, Lace Style, and a book on Prayer Shawls.

Of course, if you want to try out lace without purchasing an entire bookful of patterns, you can browse through the binders of individual patterns. There are quite a few lace patterns available to buy, at all ability levels. I just got the Spinner’s Shawl pattern by Fiber Trends. I am currently spinning the wool for it – Alpine Meadows fibers, which we can order for you – on my new spinning wheel; then I will knit the shawl. Pretty exciting stuff!

As one of your resident sock addicts, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out another of the wonderful sock yarns we carry. Right now I am knitting a pair of socks out of Opal sock yarn, some very pretty self-striping wool. Opal is a nice light fingering weight, and it is knitting up beautifully. I love knitting the self-striping yarns. The stripes pull me right in and the next thing I know I’m almost finished with the leg of the sock because I just have to see what it looks like after the next stripe! Opal really has some winners in the self-striping department.

We will be getting in the new Flatfeet sock yarn soon – so don’t forget to check in the shop for it!

Finally, we got in a huge assortment of new yarns by both Aurucania and Noro – handpaints in alpaca, wool, and silk blends – all just gorgeous! Stop by and take a look.

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Fresh Ideas For Spring



Boy, we have lots of new yarns in down here at Cowgirl Yarns right now. Right at the top of my list is Happy Feet, by Plymouth Yarns.

This is a really nice sock yarn, 90% wool and 10% nylon, and it’s superwash. It is slightly heavier weight, more of a sport than a fingering yarn; I knitted it up at seven or eight stitches to the inch instead of my usual nine. However, it is soft and makes a nice firm fabric for your socks. It isn’t at all splitty either. It comes in 50 gram skeins, so it will take two for the average pair of adult socks. We have it in some fun variegated colors!



Also on the new-to-us list is a fun yarn called Jeans, by Tahki. It is 100% organic cotton, but it is not made like a standard cotton yarn. This one is actually a tube knitted with a very fine cotton thread. The overall weight is probably about that of worsted. It looks like a lot of fun to knit, and comes in three jeans-type colorways – a dark denim, a grey denim and a khaki color.




With warmer weather on the way (we all hope), it’s time to start thinking about some lighter, brighter summery yarns. Cathay by Debbie Bliss fits this idea perfectly. This smooth yarn, a blend of 80% cotton, 35% viscose microfiber, and 15% silk, comes in paintbox colors bright enough to make a snowy Wyoming spring day light up. Cathay is also on sale right now.  Pair it up with a pattern for a short sleeve top and you’ll be in business!




Want some smaller projects to work on while it’s warm? If you’re not into socks (says your resident sock addict), try making a few baby things – they are quick, don’t overheat your lap, and can be stored away for future gifts. Baby Cashmerino by Debbie Bliss is a wonderfully soft yarn, perfect for those little projects. This yarn is a blend of merino wool, microfiber and cashmere.  





If you want something a little bit different, try the Baby Bamboo by Sirdar. This yarn is 80% bamboo and 20% wool. It comes in a number of luscious colors. If you’re not sure what to knit with these lovely yarns, we have many pattern books and loads of individual patterns to choose from.





THINGS TO COME: Hints and Tips Corner and Classifieds – click on the pages above for more information.

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Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! It will take us a few days to begin writing here, but keep visiting us. We are excited to provide a space where we share the wonderful fiber community of Laramie, WY and also receive feedback about our store too.

Please visit again for exciting news.


Lori Kirk, Owner

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